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Frequently Asked Questions ( F A Q )

  • What is teauction.com ?

    Tea Auction Ltd. is the single most comprehensive site on tea - giving information on tea industry as well as e-business enabled auction floor for all registered buyers/sellers/brokers. It does not own, buy or sell any product itself, simply provides an auction floor for buyers and sellers to trade.

    teauction.com is also your best source for up-to-the minute industry news, stock quotes and auction related information. We provide directory listing of all major players and participants from buyers, sellers, brokers, transporters, equipment suppliers, associations and boards of the industry.

  • What does teauction.com do ?

    teauction.com has integrated the advantages of internet revolution into the auctions of tea. It has connected all buyers, sellers, brokers and all concerned virtually and now they can BID for tea online without having to get hassled with physical transfer of documents at each and every step of transaction.

    The company however does not represent indivudial parties, act as a broker, take proprietary positions or set prices.
  • Who are teauction.com members ?

    Our members are buyers, sellers and brokers of all grades of tea, transporters, equipment suppliers to the tea industr and all associations and boards related to the tea industry.

  • How do I become a teauction.com member ?

    Simply click on the REGISTER HERE button, and fill out the registration form. Your registration will be processed and will be activated within 2 business days. The registration is free to all in the tea industry and takes only a few minutes to sign up online.

  • How does teauction.com benefit me as a BUYER ?

    teauction.com makes communication instantaneous across various cities and creates opportunities for new business relationships. We help buyers optimize purchasing decisions and reduce transaction time and search costs.

  • How does teauction.com benefit me as a SELLER ?

    E-commerce makes selling tea easy, cost effective and eficient. Communication is instant across cities opening up channels of new business. Faster transaction result in cost savings, less paperwork and reduced inventories.

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